Consultation Process

I offer 3 different packages - Signature, Premium and Premium Plus. The one you choose will be dependent on your expectations and needs. These will be discussed during your initial free 30-minute phone consultation.

Below provides an outline of the appointment structure for my Signature Package, which consists of 3 appointments. Price upon application. The price does not include supplements or tests if required.

1. Initial Consultation

This is a 30-minute free phone consultation where we will briefly discuss your needs and what you want to achieve by the end of this process. Beyond this we will arrange a minimum of 3 appointments over 10 - 12 weeks.

2. Questionnaire

Following our phone consultation, you will receive a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire. This will include a food diary for you to complete before the initial appointment. 

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3. Appointments

Before our initial appointment, I will have done a full analysis of your questionnaire. 

Appointment 1

90-minute face to face consultation.


Following the consultation you will receive a detailed, mutually agreed health plan to follow for 1 month, with email support.

Appointment 2

60-minute consultation. Conducted over the phone,  Skype or WhatsApp.

At the end of this consultation, you will receive a revised, detailed health plan, to follow for 1 month, with email support. 

Appointment 3

As appointment 2. This will be the final consultation in this package.


You will be provided with a targeted health plan to follow going forward.